Factory address:
No. 88 Gaotai Road, Nanchengdong Street, Binzhou Town, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China
Sales office address:
1-401 NO.97 Tongtai Street, Shahekou District, Dalian, China
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Company Memorabilia

Year 1998,purchase the juice factory in Shangzhi City Heilongjiang Province,start trading berries such as raspberry,blueberry,gooseberry.
Year 1999,establish strawberry planting base in Yishui area,Shandong Province.
June 8,2000,set up Harbin Gaotai Food Co.,Ltd,registered capital CNY123.5 million.
Dec.,2000,obtain qualifications of export business.
Year 2001,establish rappberry,strawberry and blueberry planting bases in Bin County.
Year 2002,set up IQF blueberry,lingonberry factory in Amuer,frozen ability 100 tons per day,storage ability 1000 tons.
Year 2003,be granted as bases for producing export commodities enterprises and bases for Sino-Russia trade enterprises by Heilongjiang Province Government and Harbin City Government.
Year 2005,be granted as the focus of national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises and high and new tech enterprises by Heilongjiang Province Government.
Year 2006,be granted as national agricultural product processing and exporting industry good faith demonstration enterprise and national famous brand,key enterprises by national agricultural department.
Year 2007,earn foreign currency CNY210 million by exporting goods,be granted as exporting best practice enterprises by Heilongjiang Province Government.


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